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YA Novel: Eating Disorders

"Oh. My. Gosh. This. Book. Was. So. Good! I loved this book so much!" Teen Reader
Alaskan-based Adventure Novel
"Told in fast-paced third-person, this survival adventure creates an almost otherworldly experience within a treacherous and bracingly beautiful landscape. . . ." -- Kirkus
Calfifornia Adventure Novel
Adventure-survival novel. "The level of technical detail rivals Gary Paulsen's Hatchet."
--School Library Journal
Multi-Chultural Picture Book: http://www.augusthouse.com/authors-and-illustrators/i9uaxvr1128/Sherry-Shahan
"This creative team turns to the concept of months, using each one to explore how Latin American countries mark various festive occasions. Each full-page spread combines vibrant art with a short poem." -- Booklist http://www.augusthouse.com/authors-and-illustrators/i9uaxvr1128/Sherry-Shahan
"Battle of the Books" Alaskan-based Adventure
"A compelling adventure story with a highly realized Alaskan setting . . . A solid, readable, well-researched novel with good plotting and convincing characters..."


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